Ultimate Frisbee

Players of all levels of experience are welcome! Ultimate is a challenging unisex sport, which is great for fitness.  We play outdoors on Sunday every week.  Sunday's games are pick up. On Wednesdays we run a social league: 5-a-side outdoors and 4-a-side indoors. We are currently in the indoor season of the social league. Ultimate is played in the rain or shine!

Outdoor Ultimate Frisbee is a fast-moving, five-a-side game played on a touch field. Indoor Ultimate Frisbee is four-a-side, and played on a basketball sized court. Ultimate is a self-refereed social sport that emphasises fun and fair play. Ultimate is a mixed (coed) sport.  An experienced league director and players from Hammertron Ultimate will be available to supervise games with inexperienced players.

Indoor League Details:

  • Registrations for Summer Indoor league are now open!
  • LOCATION CHANGE: we are now at Fraser High School
  • Entries close on Monday the 7th of April
  • Running for 10 weeks from Wednesday the 9th of April
  • Games will start from 6pm and finish up at 8:30pm, game length will be determined by team numbers.
    • Given we are likely to be dropping draft from at least the first round, league games will be compensated to be longer.
  • Cost is still getting finalised, once it is you can pay it here! (will send out an email to all once it is):
    • 38-9012-0662889-00; particulars: "INDOORS" and reference: "TEAM NAME"
  • Teams will be 4-aside; with a 1 girl, 3 guys split; you can always play more girls, but can’t force the other team more than 1.
  • If you would like to play but don't have a team, email hammertrondisc@gmail.com
  • We will look at running mentor program, so if you would like to have an experienced player on your team to help with rules, skills and strategy email hammertrondisc@gmail.com
Note that we will be endeavoring to run only a single round of Social for the second league, this will give us longer games.
As such, we may need to curb team numbers to an even number of teams or put in byes - we will still split the field based on experience and ability.
So please ensure you get your entries in EARLY and PAID to help secure a spot!
Draft League
With the new venue and decreased availability of courts, we have not confirmed the draft league for the first round of Indoors 2014 at this stage.
We know much you guys like to run around, so we will likely see a slight increase in the length of games as a result.
Pick up
    Sunday 5:00pm - Uni fields

    Pick up works by making teams each week from whoever is there - feel free just to turn up and we will have a team for you
    Cost = free! 

    Training is aimed at developing the skills of Hamilton players in order to attend National tournaments. It is open to anyone keen on playing competitive ultimate.
    Uni fields near Knighton/Ruakura roads
    Training nights are:
        Tuesday 5:30-7pm
        Sunday 3:30-5pm (before pickup)

Mailing lists:

The club is maintaining two mailing lists. One for training and one for pickup games. To be added to these lists, send an email to hammertronnz@gmail.com.

 If you wish to unsubscribe from these mailing lists, please send an en email with the subject "unsubscribe", without the quotation marks to the mailing list.


Outdoors - University of Waikato fields behind the library, near the treeline.  See map of field
(Just keep your eyes peeled for flying discs and ears to the ground for the sounds).

Indoors - Fraser High School Gym (access from Elliot Rd)


Contact Details:

Phone, Text: Sprocket 021 2511888

Email:  hammertronnz@gmail.com

Bank account: 38-9012-0662889-00

Hammertron Ultimate is located in Hamilton, New Zealand.